09 September 2014

Minister Fitzgerald lauds Tidy Towns gains across Dublin Mid-West

Local TD Frances Fitzgerald, Minister for Justice & Equality, has hailed the Tidy Towns organisations in Dublin Mid-West for their “significant improvements in this year’s national adjudication, which is a credit to all concerned and gives a lift to both the visual amenities and quality of life in our area”.

“Clondalkin’s ever-diligent Tidy Towns increased their points by 21 to 233 points this year, while North Clondalkin in their second year operating also rose from 180 to 198.

“In Palmerstown, the local group increased their points from 202 to 219, while in Lucan – which was praised by Tidy Towns for its high level of local volunteers, a gain of 7 was reached, from 283 to 290.

“Griffeen Tidy Towns were highly impressive with their points increase of 20, while Newcastle was warmly welcomed back to the competition following a 15 year absence, and achieved an impressive 224.

In May of this year, I welcomed the meeting hosted by South Dublin Council to provide ideas for Tidy Towns, in the belief that this gave local groups the tools to have their best year yet in 2014. I am so pleased that this has indeed turned out to be the case.

“The work carried out by Tidy Towns groups is so vital, not only in terms of beautifying our neighbourhoods - it actually improves the quality of life of local residents. I will continue to support these wonderful groups in any way I can.”