17 October 2014

Fitzgerald Congratulates Ronanstown Women on 30 Years

Local TD and Minister for Justice and Equality Frances Fitzgerald today (Friday 17th October) congratulated Ronanstown Women's CDP on their 30th Anniversary at their event in Áras Chronain, Clondalkin.

Speaking at the event, Fitzgerald said how “celebrations like this, birthdays and anniversaries, are a time to reflect on the changes that have taken place over the years. In the past 30 years, our country has changed in so many ways, as has the place of women in it.

"I firmly believe that most of these changes have been for the better, and organisations such as your own have played a vital role in empowering women, giving them the confidence, the training and the forum to become more active participants in their local community and society as a whole.”

Speaking from her own experiences, she explained how she became involved in politics through a similar group to this. She said “women must also be empowered to take the first steps into public life and possibly run for office. This is where the value of organisations such as Ronanstown Women’s CDP will really come to the fore. We need more female representatives, creating a parliament and local councils better equipped to make decisions that reflect the needs and concerns of all citizens. We need the female perspective. We need the benefit of your experiences, your skills, your expertise.”