16 October 2014

Minister Fitzgerald establishes Charities Regulatory Authority

·        New Authority represents critical first step in reforming and strengthening the sector
·        Minister says “it is important that we can have trust and confidence in our charities”
·        Justice budget 2015 allocates additional €500,000 to Charities Regulatory Authority

Local TD Frances Fitzgerald, Minister for Justice and Equality, today announced the establishment of the Charities Regulatory Authority, a new independent regulatory agency for the charity sector.

The Authority, which has been established under the terms of the Charities Act 2009, will, among other important functions, register and regulate all charities operating in Ireland.

Announcing the establishment of the Authority, the Minister said: “The charity sector plays a vital role in our society and economy. It is important, both for the charity sector and for the wider public, that we can have trust and confidence in our charities. The right regulatory framework for charities can support them in their work, while also helping to ensure that they deliver public benefit and are accountable to their donors and beneficiaries.

“The establishment of the Charities Regulatory Authority today represents the critical first step in reforming and strengthening the regulation of this sector."

The Charities Regulatory Authority’s functions include the establishment and maintenance of a register of charitable organisations. It is also charged with promoting compliance by charity trustees with their duties in the control and management of charitable trusts and organisations.

An additional €500,000 has been allocated to the Charities Regulatory Authority under Budget 2015 which will bring the total budget for this agency to €1.4m in 2015.

This represents an increase of over 50 per cent on the initial budget provided for its establishment phase and will support the reform and strengthening of the regulation of this sector.

"The additional funding I am providing for the Authority demonstrates a clear commitment on the part of the Government to seeing these essential reforms in the regulation of our charities through to fruition. The new Authority can avail of this increased level of resourcing as it begins to deliver its services in the months ahead, both to charities and to the wider public."

For more information, visit www.charitiesregulatoryauthority.ie