29 October 2014

Minister Fitzgerald hosts meeting with Balgaddy Family Centre and Head of Tusla

Local TD Frances Fitzgerald, Minister for Justice & Equality, last week facilitated the visit to Balgaddy Child & Family Centre of Gordon Jeyes, CEO of Tusla, the national child and family agency, in order to “assess the best and most viable options for maintaining its important role in the local community”.

She said:

“The range of work carried out at the Balgaddy Child & Family Centre is something I have admired and supported since its inception.  The services and supports provided are vital for the local community in a great variety of ways.

“I was pleased to facilitate the visit of Gordon Jeyes to bring to his personal attention the excellent work being done, and to begin a serious discussion assessing the options for maintaining the vital services being provided.

“Mr Jeyes was most impressed with the welcome he received and by the presentations he was given. He was particularly glad to meet parents and children who avail of the important services provided by the Centre, as their personal testimony is the most valuable test of all.

“I will continue to work with the staff and board of the Balgaddy Child & Family Centre to maintain the momentum generated by this meeting. It is critical that all suitable options be explored to give this important facility every chance to build on its already-vital role in the community”.