02 March 2015

Fitzgerald announces continuation of scheme for inclusion of women in communities

With Ronanstown Women's CDP
-    Scheme to continue to give a voice to women
-    Government committed to ensuring supports for women’s groups are maintained

Local TD Frances Fitzgerald, Minister for Justice and Equality, has announced the continuation of a scheme to promote social inclusion and equality for women. The scheme will in the future operate under the aegis of Minister Fitzgerald’s Department of Justice and Equality.

She said:

“Before entering politics, I participated in organisations promoting the inclusion and increased participation of Irish women in public and community life. This has been a continuous political priority for me throughout my career, and I have worked closely with local groups and women’s Community Development Projects (CDPs) to support their important work.

“In my area, Ronanstown Women’s CDP, Rowlagh Women’s Group, and the Clondalkin Women’s Network play a vital role in empowering women, giving them the confidence, the training and the forum to become more active participants in their local community and society as a whole. As recently as last October, I was proud to join Ronanstown Women’s CDP for their 30th Anniversary event in Áras Chronain, Clondalkin. This was a great testament to the longevity and continuing relevance and importance of these groups and the work they do.

“The existing scheme is the only national programme of its kind specifically targeted at women. It is based on the work of the National Collective of Community Based Women’s Networks (NCCWN) and is aimed at promoting equality between men and women and to ensuring that women can achieve their full potential while enjoying a safe and fulfilling life. 

“The Government is fully committed to ensuring that the delivery of the range of supports, currently provided through the Department of Environment’s Local and Community Development Programme (LCDP), are maintained in the Department of Justice and Equality led scheme. 

“The scheme will continue to give a voice to women and will help to address poverty, social exclusion and gender inequality experienced by women.  The scheme will be subject to on-going review by the Department of Justice and Equality and to such changes as may be appropriate”.