27 March 2015

Fitzgerald selected to contest General Election for Fine Gael

Local TD and Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald was last night selected to contest next year's General Election for Fine Gael along with her colleague Deputy Derek Keating.

The selection convention for the Dublin Mid-West Constituency was held in the Red Cow Hotel, and was chaired by Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, and Deputy Leader of Fine Gael James Reilly.

Speaking at the convention, Fitzgerald said “I am truly honoured to have been chosen by Fine Gael members tonight and I am hugely encouraged by the trust they have placed in me.

“Thanks to the huge sacrifices of the Irish people, national economic recovery is starting to take hold throughout our communities. However, many people and families are not yet feeling the benefits of the recovery in their own lives and that is what we have to continue working on.

“The recovery still remains delicate and we need to ensure that we do not risk slipping backwards through political instability. Our top priority is to continue creating jobs. Since the Action Plan for Jobs came into being in 2012, 90,000 have been created. Although the unemployment rate has decreased from 15.1% in 2012 to 10.1% currently, unemployment remains the main source of inequality and unfairness in our society today.

“Continued job creation means less tax for people working and more revenue to provide better services. Our key priority for 2015 to ensure benefits of the recovery reaches into every home in Ireland".