16 May 2015

Fitzgerald launches book, “The Law of Intoxication - a criminal defence", for Clondalkin man.

Local TD Frances Fitzgerald, Minister for Justice and Equality on Friday [15th May] launched “The Law of Intoxication - a criminal defence” by Dr Michael Dillon from Clondalkin.  Speaking at the launch of the book Minister Fitzgerald praised Dr Dillon on his detailed work.

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to launch this book by Clondalkin native, Dr Michael Dillon. This book is a very detailed and learned study of a particular aspect of law.  However more importantly it is a study of justice, when is it just to punish a person who commits a criminal act while intoxicated and when it may not be just to do so.

“As Minister for Justice I can only welcome such a work because that is what we need - erudite and articulate explorations of what is just in particular circumstances.  This work will be of benefit not only to practising lawyers and the judiciary but it will also help those who have to draft laws dealing with these matters.

“Dr Dillon has done us all a service in producing such a work. I praise him for the his dedication to this research and congratulate him on his book”