07 July 2015

Fitzgerald Welcomes Announcement of 610 Additional SNA Posts

Frances Fitzgerald, Fine Gael TD for Dublin Mid-West and Minister for Justice and Equality, has welcomed the announcement of 610 additional SNA posts nationwide from September 2015.

“I am pleased with the allocation of 610 additional posts for SNAs. This reflects the Government’s commitment to ensure that every child with an assessed need has access to a SNA.

“This allocation follows a significant increase in assessed need. The Department of Education and the NCSE will now carry out a review to ensure the SNA scheme is sustainable in meeting its objectives.

“Last year this Government provided for an additional 220 SNA posts for 2015.  In advance of the school year starting in September the NCSE reviews the number of valid applications received and in recent weeks has reported an additional requirement of up to 610 posts above the October 2014 estimate.

“Approximately 55% of the additional posts will be provided to support students in mainstream classes while 45% of posts will serve students in special classes in mainstream schools or in special schools.

“Every single child with such a need will now receive access to SNA support, following today’s announcement. From my experience in visiting schools across Lucan, Clondalkin, Rathcoole, Palmerstown, Newcastle and Saggart and in speaking to parents, I am fully aware of the huge benefits which SNAs bring to the education experience of children in the classroom.

“From September there will be 11,820 whole-time SNA posts available in our primary and post-primary schools.  This is an 11.7% increase since this Government came to office. Today’s announcement of additional SNA posts highlights their invaluable presence and impact on the education of children with an assessed care need.” concluded Minister Fitzgerald.