23 July 2015

Op-ED: EirGrid’s €20million plan for West Dublin represents a win-win for Lucan

In recent weeks, EirGrid, who are the Government agency responsible for managing the national electricity grid, announced the next phase of a public consultation on an ambitious new €20million project for West Dublin.

 The proposal is to provide a underground high-voltage220Kv power line and associated sub-station to service the Grange Castle industrial area. The underground line would do a full loop of the Grange Castle area, from the Outer Ring Road at Griffeen Avenue, around to the Nangor Road and around again to the Newcastle Road at Adamstown. 

 This plan represents a win-win for Lucan!

 The first win, will come in the form of jobs and investment. This project is designed to support the future development of Grange Castle Business Park and adjoining lands with a view to attracting more multi-national firms to establish here. Already leading global firms such as Pfizer, Microsoft and Google have developed facilities in the area. There are four separate word-class data centre sites in the area, which are in increasing demand as we all do more business and store more information online. By providing an upgraded, secure electricity network we can attract even more investment, particularly in data centres and high-tech manufacturing plants. This in turn helps to creates jobs in the area and provides an ongoing revenue stream for the Council in terms of commercial rates, which can be reinvested in local communities, such as Lucan.

 The second win, will come in the form of the removal of the unsightly pylons from the Griffeen and Adamstown areas as a result of the relocation underground of the high-voltage power line between the Outer Ring Road & Newcastle Road. I wish to commend residents form Tullyhall estate who have led the campaign to the remove these pylons. I have been happy to support this campaign which, if successful, will greatly improve the visual environment of the Griffeen and Adamstown areas, which is home to thousands of local residents. 

 Last week, I met with Energy Minister Alex White to discuss this project.

 While job creation and removal of pylons would bring significant benefits for Lucan, a further win could arise from the possible associated upgrade to Newcastle Road, between Adamstown and the Polly Hops. The development of an underground cable also this stretch of road provides a opportunity to also upgrade the road, to remove bad corners and improve safety for all road users. I am working with Transport Minister Paschal Donohoe to progress this important road project.

 The EirGrid project and the potential road upgrade is only happening thanks to the commitment of this Government, of which I am member, to invest in infrastructure and job creation.

 As a local TD for Lucan, I will  continue to work with my Government colleagues and with South Dublin County Council to develop the Grange Caste area to attract more jobs and investment. Creating jobs and tackling unemployment has been the number one goal of the Government and I. We have significant successes to date but we have more to do. This ambitious investment by EirGrid is another step in the right direction and an important win-win for Lucan.