04 August 2015

Ten New Gardaí for Clondalkin and Lucan Districts

· 97 new Garda members graduated in Templemore and 19 Garda Reserves
· 5 assigned to Clondalkin and 5 assigned to Lucan District
· The Taoiseach and Minister promise continuity on Garda recruitment

“Ten new Gardaí for Clondalkin and Lucan Districts” says Minister for Justice and local TD Frances Fitzgerald. Ninety-seven new Gardaí have just graduated from Templemore, and five will be assigned to the Clondalkin and Lucan Districts each.

 “Frontline and community policing is a priority for me” said Fitzgerald. “550 new Gardaí will have entered Templemore under this Government.  In September 2014, the Government oversaw the first recruitment of new Gardaí since 2009. We reopened the Garda College in Templemore and committed to not letting it close again,” she said.

Speaking to the new Garda members, Minister Fitzgerald said “as we all know budgetary constraints over the last few years halted recruitment in the Public Sector including An Garda Síochána but recruitment has re-commenced and these fine facilities are once again being put to best use. Three hundred recruits, you included, have entered the college since last September and a further 250 more will do so over the coming months.  I know that Commissioner O’Sullivan and the Garda force are committed to maintaining operational effectiveness. The Government fully supports that objective.”

 “After the vigorous training you have just completed, you will now go out into your communities. Always remember that An Garda Síochána is not about a uniform and any perceived power that it may hold but it is about serving your country and the citizens of Ireland to the best of your ability in a sometimes dangerous environment.  You are, quite literally, guardians of the peace.”

Earlier in the day Minister Fitzgerald attended the Graduation for 19 Garda Reserve members. Speaking to them she said “Graduating as fully fledged members of the Garda Reserve is a major achievement, a wonderful source of pride to you and to your families. You have come through rigorous training programme that is  modelled on the training for full- time Gardaí.   You've demonstrated  your commitment to the community, by voluntarily giving your time and energy.

“Currently, 1,045 attested Reserve Gardaí enhance the work of An Garda Síochána, with a further 43 Reserves in training. Quite a number of reserves have progressed to become full time members of An Garda Síochána. This afternoon alone, 19 Garda trainees will be attested who were previously members of the Garda Reserve .

“The Commissioner recently gave additional powers to Garda Reserves. In future, Garda Reserves will serve summonses and issue Fixed Charged Penalty Notices. Those additional powers and duties mean you now have a wider remit. That is important. It underlines how seriously the Reserve is taken. But what is even more important is the mission each one of you carries, from this day forward.  You are part of the community and you will act as a direct link for An Garda Síochána into the community.”

She concluded by congratulating the graduates, and by wishing them luck, happiness and achievement within the force.