29 October 2015

Fitzgerald welcomes Road Upgrades at Grange Castle Business Park

Local TD and Minister for Justice and Equality Frances Fitzgerald has welcomed the funding allocated towards road upgrades into Grange Castle Business Park to provide access for a number of global industries.
 The funding which is part of the Capital Investment Plan, which will see €27 billion invested in roads, rail, health facilities, schools and broadband over six years, will make a major difference for communities here in Dublin Mid-West

“Grange Castle Business Park is continuing to expand and attract global industries. Already leading global firms such as Pfizer, Microsoft and Google have developed facilities in the area. There are four separate word-class data centre sites in the area, which are in increasing demand as we all do more business and store more information online. The development of the roads network surrounding the business park proves positive for the Lucan, Clondalkin and the surrounding areas.
“I hope that this funding will include improvement to the Newcastle Road, between Adamstown and the Polly Hops. The development of an underground cable as part of the Eirgrid Project along this stretch of road provides also an opportunity to upgrade the road, to remove bad corners and improve safety for all road users. I have been working with Transport Minister Paschal Donohoe to progress this important road project and will continue to do so.
 “This road upgrade is only happening thanks to the commitment of this Government, of which I am member, to invest in infrastructure and job creation.
“The projects committed to are very much dependent on the choices that this Government and the next make to continue the recovery. We could not afford everything we wanted, but this plan represents the best of what can be delivered with the available resources. We must continue to make the right choices and invest wisely to ensure we never go back to the bad old days of boom and bust.”