25 October 2016

New traffic lights on the way for Rathcoole; HGV ban to be considered - Fitzgerald “Solutions to traffic in Rathcoole on the way

Frances  Fitzgerald,  Local TD and Tánaiste, has said that solutions to the traffic in Rathcoole Village are on the way.

Fitzgerald said:  “Following meetings and contact with locals in Rathcoole, the  Community  Council and South Dublin County Council, new traffic lights will  be  installed at the Fitzmaurice Road roundabout. This will work on a loop  system,  which  will  trigger  the light if traffic backs-up too far, either towards the village or towards the Saggart roundabout.

“The installation of lights at this roundabout will allow more equal access for traffic onto the  roundabout  from all roads. The Council will be in touch soon with a timeline for the installation of this traffic light, but hope to have it working before Christmas.

“Council officials will also examine the possibility of a HGV ban at school times through the village, which was proposed by Rathcoole Community Council.  They will also examine whether a  one way system through the village for HGVs, allowing them only travel from South-North of the Village may be a solution to the traffic.

“The footpaths in the village and along Main Street will be examined for faults and  repairs by the Council. There are also a number of sharp edges on the footpaths, and these will be rounded and smoothed.

“In  June,  I attended a meeting with Rathcoole Community Council and other TD’s regarding local issues including parking, traffic and footpaths.

“At  this meeting, I undertook to organise a meeting with Council officials and  members  of  Rathcoole  Community  Council. This meeting took place on Friday  and I am glad to report that this constructive meeting has resulted action that will help the traffic problems in Rathcoole.”