30 April 2018

Fitzgerald Welcomes Increased Respite Services for People with Disabilities

Local Fine Gael TD, Frances Fitzgerald, has welcomed the announcement of further respite supports for local people with disabilities as part of the €10 million National Respite Programme.

Fitzgerald said: “I am delighted that our local HSE area will benefit from investment in respite services. Under the €10million National Respite Programme, an additional 7 centre-based adult and child respite beds will be delivered in the Kildare/Westmeath area later in the year which will bring approximately 750 extra bed nights into the system for 2018.

“More locally for us on the Dublin side of our HSE area, families of children with serious disabilities will benefit from the funding of an additional 5,000 hours of in-home respite.

“It is important to note that these respite care beds and hours are in addition to the respite services the HSE has already committed to provide for in 2018,” confirmed Fitzgerald.

“Fine Gael is using the economic recovery to support the most vulnerable people in communities around the country. The new €10 million National Respite Plan aims to deliver more than 45,500 day places and 182,500 overnights for more than 6,320 people with a disability across the country.

“As well as ensuring people with a disability have the appropriate dignity and supports in place, it is also right that we care for our carers. Ensuring that we have proper respite services is crucial to that. Government has also announced that legislation is being drafted to give Free GP Care to the 14,000 plus carer’s in Ireland so that their health and well-being needs are also being met,”
concluded Fitzgerald.