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Covid-19: €23 million for Ireland under EU Solidarity funds – Fitzgerald

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Press Statement from Frances Fitzgerald MEP

Tuesday 24th November 2020

Covid-19: €23 million for Ireland under EU Solidarity funds – Fitzgerald

The European Parliament on Monday voted in favour of the mobilisation of €23.3 million from the European Union Solidarity Fund (EUSF) to Ireland as a "response to the serious public health emergency" posed by COVID-19. The release of funding was approved by an overwhelming majority of MEPs – 682 in favour, 8 against and 2 abstentions.

Commenting on the outcome, Frances Fitzgerald, MEP for Dublin, said:

“Ireland applied for EU solidarity funding to be unlocked due to the worrying rise in infection rates of COVID-19 this autumn. With this approval from Parliament, we will now unlock over €23 million of crucial funding to support our health service, to control and prevent the spread of the disease and to combat the severe risks to public health of our citizens.

“European solidarity is absolutely vital in tackling the impact of this crisis. Having the European solidarity fund at our disposal is a major source of relief for Ireland as we continue to battle this devastating virus. It allows us to quickly unlock funding and direct it to our health services where it is most needed.”


Notes to the Editor:

· The EU Solidarity Fund is one of the main EU instruments for disaster recovery and, as part of the EU coordinated response to the coronavirus emergency, its scope has been recently extended to cover major health emergencies.

· In total, this aid package represent 132,7 million euros in advance payments of the European Solidarity Fund to Germany, Croatia, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland and Portugal, in response to the serious public health emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

· The final report as voted on by the European Parliament can be accessed here:



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