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Frances Fitzgerald welcomes agreement on Russian sanctions but calls for further action

Press Statement from Frances Fitzgerald MEP

Tuesday 31st May 2022

Frances Fitzgerald welcomes agreement on Russian sanctions but calls for further action

Dublin MEP Frances Fitzgerald has welcomed the compromise agreement between EU member states on a 6th package of sanctions against Russia.

The agreement includes a plan to phase out Russian gas imports delivered by sea by the end of the year, along with further restrictions on Russian broadcasters and sanctions on Russia's largest bank, Sberbank, in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Speaking at the Congress of the European People’s Party in Rotterdam, MEP Frances Fitzgerald said, “It is crucial that Europe takes action to reduce our dependence on Russian energy imports. The money used to buy Russian energy from Russia state companies is going into the funding of Putin’s war in Ukraine. This is why I support a complete embargo on imports of Russian coal, oil, and gas into the European Union.

“The agreement overnight between member states goes a long way. According to Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen it will effectively cut around 90% of oil imports from Russia to the EU by the end of the year. However, more can and must be done. We must ensure that all Russian energy imports are stopped, by diversifying European energy sources and supporting those EU member states that are particularly dependent on Russian energy imports.

“It is important that the EU shows unity and resolve on this matter, in support of Ukraine and its people. Russia is highly dependent on the EU for its energy exports and we must ensure that Russia’s ability to wage war on Ukraine is no longer funded by EU member states. I, along with my colleagues in the European Parliament, have called for a total ban on Russian energy. The European Commission has committed to a ban on Russian oil. It is now important that member states agree to go further that they have heretofore, and ban 100% Russian oil imports as soon as possible.”



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