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Frances believes a successful Dublin must be a sustainable Dublin. A city where we plan properly, ensure development improves quality of life and protect the unique environment in which we live. Frances will ensure that the Sustainable Development Goals are reflected in decisions on the EU Budget thus maximising the social, environmental and economic benefits of EU spending. The Sustainable Development Goals provide a lens through which to translate European needs and ambitions into policy solutions.


As Dublin’s MEP, Frances will;


Support a just transition to a low carbon economy.

We must develop a coherent EU wide policy to support a just transition. Frances will look to establish a dedicated task force and advocate for a Just Transition Fund to help Dublin move to the forefront of low carbon cities while protecting workers and communities. A Just Transition Fund will help to implement the UN’s Sustainable Development Agenda and Goals by supporting the retraining and reskilling of displaced workers.


Expand access to green jobs.

A ‘Green Economy' can support job creation in areas connected to the environment such as conservation, waste, water and air quality. Frances will champion investments in industrial innovation and clean technology to stimulate growth and competitiveness, boost future skills and create jobs. The future EU budget should also reflect these priorities.


Promote sustainable transport.

Frances supports the Government’s plan for no new non-zero emission vehicles to be sold in Ireland after 2030. Frances will take the necessary steps to ensure that the EU can facilitate this transition at scale. Emphasis is also warranted on a solution which can immediately achieve a reduction in CO2 emissions in the heavy goods and bus transport sector. The switch of HGV/Bus/Truck fleet to CNG as seen in Paris and Madrid could achieve a target of 20% emissions reduction by 2021. Furthermore, Frances will protect sustainable travel measures, including comprehensive Cycling and Walking Networks for Dublin, and expanded Greenways.

Champion the Circular Economy.

Frances believes that as a society Dublin needs to embed the principles of the circular economy and the waste hierarchy in every aspect of our economy. Frances is calling for;

  • All plastic packaging on the EU market to be 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable by the end of the next decade.

Unlock and accelerate investment for Dublin transport links.

Over the next decade Dublin’s population could surpass 2 million and we need a transport network on par with its European peers. In the next EU budget it is time to focus on the needs of tomorrow’s Dublin by channeling EU funding to smart and innovative economic transformation and a greener, low carbon economy. Frances will fight for transformative funding for Dublin projects and work to expedite their completion, such as;

  • Luas Green line extensions to Bray and Finglas; Luas red line extension to Poolbeg and West Dublin.

  • DART Expansion Programme.

  • Metrolink.

  • Transition to zero-carbon biomethane-powered busses.


Advance low cost district heating in Dublin.

Frances will seek European support to guide the expansion of Dublin’s district heating initiatives. There are considerable environmental benefits in running a district heating system; Excess heat from Amazon’s data centre will be used to warm 1,200 homes in Tallaght. A similar project on the Poolbeg Peninsula will pipe heat to 50,000 homes, providing low cost heating for the homes involved and has the capacity to reduce 48,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, equivalent to 5% of Dublin City’s total CO2 emissions from heat.

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