05 September 2017

New Junior Cycle specifications for Irish, Modern Foreign Languages and Visual Art launched in Coláiste Bríde

Local TD and Tánaiste, Frances Fitzgerald TD this morning welcomed the new Junior Cycle specifications for Irish, Modern Foreign Languages and Visual Art and the introduction of the new Junior Cycle Wellbeing programme. The Minister for Education and Skills, Richard Bruton TD visited Coláiste Bríde, Clondalkin to mark the occasion.

Speaking about the new specifications launched today Fitzgerald commented; “The strengthening of Irish is a core goal of the Government’s 20 year strategy on the Irish Language. The introduction of new specifications for Junior Cycle Irish represents a significant change from existing approaches to the teaching, learning and assessment of Irish at junior cycle level.

“The new Junior Cycle specifications for Irish will place a strong focus on the spoken language. Emphasis will be put on Irish as the language of learning and communication in classrooms as well as an emphasis on the skills required to communicate effectively with other users of the language. Communication, opportunities for use and interaction are central to classroom tasks. It is particularly pertinent that this new specifications are being launched here in Clondalkin, which has a strong community of Gaeilgeoirí based around Aras Chronain.

31 July 2017

€20,000 Government Funding For Local Tourism Projects in Lucan and Clondalkin

Frances Fitzgerald, Tánaiste and Local TD, has today welcomed funding for two local projects in Lucan and Clondalkin under the Governments’ 2017 Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Scheme.

The funding is part of a €11million scheme for the development of new outdoor recreational infrastructure and the maintenance, enhancement and promotion of existing outdoor recreational infrastructure in Ireland.

Speaking about the announcement today, Fitzgerald commented “I am delighted to welcome funding of €20,000 for the provision of signage to two local tourism projects in Griffeen Valley Park, Lucan and the Camac Greenway, Clondalkin. This funding encapsulates the diversity of work that is ongoing across the country to provide high quality recreational infrastructure for visitors and locals alike.   

“Recreational tourism is growing year on year and so it is crucial we continue to improve facilities and encourage more visitors. Figures from Fáilte Ireland show that the hiking and cycling tourism markets are worth approximately €1.2 billion to the Irish economy.

"Aside from the obvious tourism benefits, it’s also hugely important that we maintain and develop our outdoor infrastructure to encourage everyone to keep fit and live a healthy active lifestyle.

“Eighty per cent of each project is funded by the Government grant, with South Dublin County Council making up the difference. The Council in conjunction with local communities have spent significant time and effort developing the project proposals over the last number of months and I am very happy the Government is able to provide the financial resources necessary to support so many projects across the country.

“I want to commend the Council for their consistent focus on enhancing the tourism prospective in the County. The Round Tower Interpretative Centre in Clondalkin has just opened recently and is seeing fantastic results in attracting tourists to the area. I firmly believe that the continued development of our recreational infrastructure will not only support our tourism potential, but will also provide a diverse range of recreation options for local communities to support their own health and fitness and enjoy the outdoors with their families.”


18 July 2017

Fitzgerald welcomes proposals to increase National Minimum Wage by 30c

Local TD and Minister for Enterprise and Innovation, Frances Fitzgerald has today announced that the Low Pay Commission is recommending an increase to the minimum wage of 30 cents, bringing it to €9.55 per hour. 

In its report to the Minister Fitzgerald, the Low Pay Commission sets out the range of data it has considered in recommending the increase, including risks to the economy and international comparative research.  The Commission also sought submissions from interested parties and consulted directly with workers and employers in relevant economic sectors.   

Speaking after Cabinet discussed the matter today; Fitzgerald said “I warmly welcome the recommendation to increase the National Minimum Wage by 30c. Increasing the minimum wage is just one tool in a wider Government programme to help the lower paid and incentivise people into work. New childcare subsidies are coming on stream in September and I am progressing a set of new proposals to address zero hour contracts, low hour contracts, banded hours and related matters to help combat the issues of so-called precarious employment in a balanced way. 

05 July 2017

Increased numbers of SNA’s for local schools

Local TD and Tánaiste, Frances Fitzgerald has today (Wednesday) welcomed the provision
of over additional Special Needs Assistants to schools in Dublin for the coming year.

The allocation is part of a national provision of 975 additional Special Needs Assistants which will be available for allocation to schools over the period September to December 2017, a 7.5% increase, in order to meet the level of assessed demand.

Fitzgerald said: “This increase reflects the growing participation of children with special educational needs in our local schools and will support their full participation and progression within the educational system.

Today’s announcement reflects the Government’s commitment to ensure that all children with special educational needs can maximise their potential. I am in regular discussion with my Cabinet colleague, Minister for Education and Skills Richard Bruton, highlighting the need for extra supports for children with special needs in local schools.

“The extra posts announced today will ensure that every child that needs access to SNA support in schools across Lucan, Palmerstown, Clondalkin and the Four Districts can receive this support.

19 June 2017

Dáil Speech on My Nomination as Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise and Innovation

Speech by Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald TD for Dublin Mid West
on her Nomination as Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise and Innovation
Delivered 14th June 2017
“It is great privilege once again to serve in government - a Government of purpose that will work towards a prosperous nation for all and in every community. It has been an honour to serve as Minister in two Departments. Throughout my time as Minister for Justice and Equality, there have been major changes in significant areas of public life. I am very proud of those changes for which I have campaigned my whole life. I believe the commission on the future of policing will represent a seminal moment when it comes to the future of An Garda Síochána.
“As the first Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, I had the privilege of introducing a number of ground-breaking reforms, including the comprehensive reform of the child protection and welfare system. I am very proud of the successful referendums on children's rights and marriage equality.
“I am honoured to continue in my role as Tánaiste. Life is a series of new challenges and I am very pleased to accept this new portfolio, which at its core is about creating opportunity. Getting a job, being able to pursue a career and provide for oneself and one's family is the best opportunity a person can get. It is the best way out of poverty and the best way of giving the kind of support that future generations need.
“Unemployment is falling. There are challenges on the horizon. I noticed that not one Opposition speaker has mentioned that unemployment has reduced from 15.4% to 6.2%. That represents a major change in the lives of so many of our citizens and it is what they want to see. The task now is to create and innovate, to spread opportunity in enterprise far and wide, as the Taoiseach said, to the four corners of the country and everywhere in between. We now have the green technology, the artificial intelligence and the economic foundations on which we can build the future of Irish industry with endeavour, creativity and investment.
“We are an island at the centre of our global world. We will redouble our efforts to attract talent and investment. I greatly look forward to playing a central role in this Government which will be totally guided by the absolute priority of providing equality of opportunity to each and every person in this Republic. We have to banish the disadvantage and exclusion that still cripple too many lives. As I have often said, until we do that, our democracy is unfinished. We have to use our economic growth to ensure that nobody is left out. We will ensure that we protect and use that growth to transform Ireland into a modern, progressive society.
“This will be a Government of delivery that ensures that everyone can have opportunities for themselves and their families in the time ahead. The Taoiseach spoke so eloquently of a republic of opportunity. The task ahead must be to restore opportunity to those who have lost it and to provide opportunity to those it has passed by.
“We believe in a State that stands for social justice and equality of opportunity. We believe in turning our face towards the world, holding out our hand in welcome, remaining at the heart of Europe as we have made clear repeatedly, and seeking to capture new hearts elsewhere. That is what we will be judged on. The Government is totally committed to that goal.
“Let me return to words I have used in the past. Democracy is not about entitlement; it is about contribution. Each and every one of us in this House has a contribution to make to the exciting future that can lie ahead for all of our citizens.”