23 July 2015

In recent weeks, EirGrid, who are the Government agency responsible for managing the national electricity grid, announced the next phase of a public consultation on an ambitious new €20million project for West Dublin.

 The proposal is to provide a underground high-voltage220Kv power line and associated sub-station to service the Grange Castle industrial area. The underground line would do a full loop of the Grange Castle area, from the Outer Ring Road at Griffeen Avenue, around to the Nangor Road and around again to the Newcastle Road at Adamstown. 

 This plan represents a win-win for Lucan!
21 July 2015
Speech the Minister for Justice and Equality, Frances Fitzgerald TD
MacGill Summer School
21 July 2015
A Productive Year

[Check Against Delivery]

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You all know the old question and answer:

Question:        How do you eat an elephant?
Answer:        In very thin slices.

I would propose to you that the same Q&A applies to reform. The temptation, if you are hungry for reform - and we all should be hungry for reform - is to try to do it all at once, in one big swallow.

It never works, that way. Reform needs to be in manageable chunks - but it also needs to be a continuum. I am  always wary of enthusiasts who want to do Big Bang reform: "We will  lay down all the rules for everything and then we will  be set."

13 July 2015

‘Works begin on extension to Public Footpath to Lucan Sarsfields’ - Fitzgerald

Frances Fitzgerald, local TD and Minister for Justice and Equality, has welcomed the commencement of the extension to the footpath on the Newcastle Road to Lucan Sarsfields.

Fitzgerald stated “earlier in the year I welcomed confirmation by South Dublin County Council that a footpath running from the Lock Road to Lucan Sarsfields GAA club would be installed.

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