24 August 2015

Oration by Frances Fitzgerald TD, Minister for Justice & Equality

Commemoration of Michael Collins

Béal na Bláth

23 August 2015

Chairman, Colleagues, Ladies & Gentlemen,

We have gathered here these many years - down all the days since the man whose name means so much to us all died here. We meet to commemorate, to reflect, to celebrate and to learn from a life cut short in this place.

None of the soft words fit the death inflicted here. Even to speak of Michael Collins' life being ended here is to deny the shocking, the absolute sudden brutality of the event.

 And therein lies a danger - the danger that the manner of a man's dying might be allowed to define him. That would be to do a sad injustice to his greatness.

But more than that. It would be to lock Michael Collins into a time and a place and a destruction, which would be to miss how much his life mattered and still matters in twenty first century Ireland.
04 August 2015

· 97 new Garda members graduated in Templemore and 19 Garda Reserves
· 5 assigned to Clondalkin and 5 assigned to Lucan District
· The Taoiseach and Minister promise continuity on Garda recruitment

“Ten new Gardaí for Clondalkin and Lucan Districts” says Minister for Justice and local TD Frances Fitzgerald. Ninety-seven new Gardaí have just graduated from Templemore, and five will be assigned to the Clondalkin and Lucan Districts each.

 “Frontline and community policing is a priority for me” said Fitzgerald. “550 new Gardaí will have entered Templemore under this Government.  In September 2014, the Government oversaw the first recruitment of new Gardaí since 2009. We reopened the Garda College in Templemore and committed to not letting it close again,” she said.

23 July 2015

In recent weeks, EirGrid, who are the Government agency responsible for managing the national electricity grid, announced the next phase of a public consultation on an ambitious new €20million project for West Dublin.

 The proposal is to provide a underground high-voltage220Kv power line and associated sub-station to service the Grange Castle industrial area. The underground line would do a full loop of the Grange Castle area, from the Outer Ring Road at Griffeen Avenue, around to the Nangor Road and around again to the Newcastle Road at Adamstown. 

 This plan represents a win-win for Lucan!

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