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  • Frances Fitzgerald

A sad and historic day as the European Parliament votes to end UK membership of the EU after 47years

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Press Statement from Frances Fitzgerald MEP

Wednesday 29th January 2020

A sad and historic day as the European Parliament votes to end UK membership of the EU after 47 years - Fitzgerald

Speaking today (Wednesday) before the European Parliament votes on the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement, Frances Fitzgerald MEP, paying tribute to the UK’s contribution to the EU, said:

“Today’s vote represents a distinct sadness for the European Union, a sadness shared by many UK citizens and Irish citizens. Through today’s vote in the European Parliament, the UK’s membership of the EU will be brought to an end after 47 years. That is 47 years of cooperation and partnership, 47 years of breaking down borders and barriers, 47 years of working together for better social cohesion.

“The future is unknown for the EU-UK relationship. However, the EU and the UK should use the momentum of today’s vote in order to get working on trade talks as soon as possible.

“The trade talks will cover a range of issues of crucial importance to Ireland. It is important that we work to put the interest of our citizens and our businesses first who want the closest, deepest and broadest possible future relationship with the UK.

“Ireland must continue its intense work on Brexit, through a whole-of-government approach, to ensure that our economy suffers the least disruption possible.

“We will approach the negotiations in a united way and I hope the UK will not diverge from the standards that everyone has striven so hard to put in place so that we can agree a good deal.

“Additionally, we cannot allow the Withdrawal Agreement to be watered down - avoiding a hard border on the island of Ireland and protecting the Good Friday Agreement must be key guiding principles at every stage of the negotiation.”




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