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An ambitious new EU Strategy for Gender Equality - Fitzgerald

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Frances Fitzgerald, MEP for Dublin and EPP Spokesperson for Gender Equality, today (Thursday) welcomed the European Commission’s launch of the new “Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025".

Speaking after the launch, MEP Fitzgerald commented:

“I am delighted to see the launch of the new European Gender Equality Strategy today. The EU has been without a comprehensive approach to gender equality for a number of years now, with the consequence being a piecemeal and hands-off approach to a fundamental issue of equality in our societies.”

“I strongly welcome the launch of this strategy, and am particularly glad to see an ambitious and positive approach being taken to reaching equality between women and men in Europe.”

“In relation to the economy, I see the move towards concrete and binding measures to close the gender pay gap as very positive, given that European women still earn 84 cents for every euro a man earns. This measure reflects the introduction of the Gender Pay Gap Information Bill 2019 by Fine Gael while in Government, and I am looking forward to seeing those efforts replicated across the EU. I am also heartened to see the involvement of women in the economy being highlighted, as by closing the gender employment gap we have the potential to increase GDP by an average of 35%”

“On women in decision-making, I look forward to working with the European Commission to unblock the Women on Boards Directive in the Council. Globally, only 1 in 10 decision-makers at venture capital and private equity firms are female for example. Unblocking the Women on Boards directive would be only one of many badly needed measures to advance women in the world of business, but an important one, reflecting where priorities in business are and should be.”

“In relation to gender based violence, I am encouraged to see the European Commission pledge that it has an absolute commitment to the EU’s ratification of the Istanbul Convention, and failing that, to proposing measures in 2021 to achieve the same objectives as the Convention, in particular by making gender based violence a Eurocrime. The current levels are unacceptable: 1 in 3 women in the EU aged 15 or over has experienced some form of physical and/or sexual violence. We must do more to end gender-based violence. In addition, I welcome the announcement of a new strategy on the eradication of trafficking in human beings. With almost half of the victims of trafficking being trafficked inside the EU (44%) and 22% being trafficked within their own country, this is absolutely a European issue that needs to be tackled immediately.”

“Finally, I am pleased to see care addressed through the strategy. We know that 80% of care in the EU, such as childcare, elderly care and care for persons with disabilities is provided by informal carers, 75% of whom are women. I look forward to working with Member States and the European Commission to advancing the availability and affordability of quality care services across the EU.”

“Overall, I welcome the Strategy and look forward to working with all stakeholders to make it a reality for citizens across the EU.”


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