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Fitzgerald calls for new energy sanctions on Russia

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Monday May 2nd 2022

Press Statement Frances Fitzgerald MEP

Fitzgerald calls for new energy sanctions on Russia Dublin MEP Frances Fitzgerald has called on the European Commission and EU member states to implement robust new energy sanctions on Russia, in line with total ban supported by the European Parliament. The Commission has already implemented partial sanctions on Russian coal, which are due to begin in full in August, but has thus far refrained from imposing a total ban on the import of Russian oil and gas. This week, MEPs are meeting in Strasbourg where Ukraine will be top of the agenda with key debates on the economic impact of the war in Ukraine and the situation of woman in Ukraine during the conflict. EU energy ministers are also meeting today in Brussels. Frances Fitzgerald said, “As the terrible war in Ukraine continues, it is imperative that Europe give every possible support to the Ukrainian people, and that includes immediately stopping all purchases of Russian energy. We know that the money spent buying oil, gas, and coal from Russian state companies is going directly into the funding of Putin’s war. This cannot continue.

“I am calling on the European Commission and member states to take robust action now, not later. Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen has indicated that the Commission will shortly announce a sixth package of sanctions. This package must include a total ban on the import of Russian energy. The European energy market is vitally important for Russia’s economy and cannot easily be replaced. It is only by acting together that we can show Russia that its actions in invading Ukraine have severe economic consequences. “Last month, the European Parliament voted in favour of a total ban on Russian energy imports. It is now time for the European Commission to take heed of this vote and to implement a full Russian energy ban. We hear every day about the terrible impact of this war, including on women and children in Ukraine who face terrifying violence. No stone can be left unturned in showing Russia that its actions will not be tolerated.” ENDS




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