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Fitzgerald restates calls for International Criminal Court action on Russian war crimes

Press Statement from Frances Fitzgerald MEP

Wednesday 25th May 2022

Fitzgerald restates calls for International Criminal Court action on Russian war crimes

Dublin MEP and former Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald has reiterated calls for the Russian Government to appear before the International Criminal Court. Frances Fitzgerald was representing the European Parliament’s Gender Equality Committee for which she is a coordinator on a visit to the International Criminal Court today.

The International Criminal Court tries cases of serious, widespread, and systematic international crimes, and is based in The Hague, in the Netherlands.

Following the visit, Frances Fitzgerald MEP said, “As stories continue to emerge from Ukraine about atrocities committed by the Russian army, including against women and children, I visited the International Criminal Court today where I reiterated calls for international legal action against Russia for war crimes in violation of the Rome Statute system.

“Ireland is a leading supporter of the International Criminal Court, and along with the EU supports the investigation launched by the ICC Prosecutor into war crimes in Ukraine. To ensure that convictions are made swiftly and will be upheld, the gathering of evidence is of the utmost importance and must take place immediately. We have already seen one conviction for war crimes - we must do full due diligence now to make sure justice is done with the full force of the law. The rule of law is the bedrock of our European democracy.

“Evidence of widespread abuse by Russia, the murder of unarmed civilians, sexual violence as a weapon of war against women, and torture is rightly under investigation. However, it is important that swift action is taken and justice is seen to be done so that people can have confidence that our system of international law will protect those who suffer at the hands of perpetrators of violence. The world has seen so many atrocities and cannot stand by as Russia commits even more.

“These are the points that I have made continuously over recent months, and my colleagues and I are reiterating these as we visit the International Criminal Court in The Hague today.”

Frances Fitzgerald’s visit is part of a study mission of the European Parliament’s Gender Equality Committee to the Netherlands.



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