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MEP Fitzgerald leads EPP Group on gender equality in the European Parliament

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Press Statement from Frances Fitzgerald MEP

Thursday 17th December 2020

MEP Fitzgerald leads EPP Group on gender equality in the European Parliament

“Equality is a core value for the EPP. Ensuring that all citizens have equal opportunities to succeed, economically, socially and politically, is at the heart of the EPP’s mission” said MEP for Dublin and EPP Group Spokeswoman on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, Frances Fitzgerald MEP in announcing the EPP Group’s new position paper on Gender Equality. This week Fitzgerald’s work on equality was presented to the EPP Group and was overwhelmingly accepted as EPP Group policy.

“Our position paper on Gender Equality outlines key policy actions to enable the EU to create an environment that supports true equality and protects the rights of all citizens. Empowering women as citizens and economic actors will be critical for the future prosperity of our economies, our societies and in order to tackle poverty in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. I am delighted to have led the discussion and work on this important topic within our group in the European Parliament”, continued MEP Fitzgerald.

“Achieving gender equality in the European Union is not just a moral obligation but is an economic imperative. Figures from the European Institute for Gender Equality show that improving gender equality by 2050 would substantially boost EU GDP by 6.1% -9.6%, which amounts to €1.95 to €3.15 trillion overall. Gender equality must therefore be at the heart of our post-COVID recovery and must be taken account of in all policy actions in every field.”

“This paper shows that the EPP Group is serious about advancing gender equality at EU level. Through the actions presented in the paper, on closing the gender pay gap, advancing a European Care Strategy, combatting violence against women through EU ratification of the Istanbul Convention, and many others, we are committed to making gender equality an EU reality.”

“We must do more than just applaud the women who have kept Europe going through this pandemic and every day, including the 78 percent of EU healthcare workers that are women. We must deliver on promises of equality”, Fitzgerald insisted.


Note to editors:

The full EPP Group Position paper on gender equality is available here.




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