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Our Nursing heroes nominated by EPP Group for prestigious European Citizen’s Prize - Fitzgerald

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Frances Fitzgerald, MEP for Dublin and EPP Group Coordinator for the Women’s and Gender Equality Committee, today (Friday) announced the nomination of ​‘European Nurses’​ by the EPP Group for the prestigious European Citizen’s Prize. Ms. Fitzgerald announced the nomination with her colleagues Manfred Weber MEP, Chairperson of the EPP Group and Denis Radtke MEP, EPP Group Coordinator for the ​Committee on Employment and Social Affairs.

Speaking after the announcement, MEP Fitzgerald said:

“I am delighted to confirm that the EPP Group is collectively nominating ‘European Nurses’ for the European Citizen’s Prize. We want to honour our nurses and thank them for their continuous hard work, particularly through the COVID-19 crisis, here in Ireland and across the European Union.”

“The EPP Group ​recognises that it is our nurses who are with patients during their most difficult hours, holding their hands, giving comfort and dignity to those at their most vulnerable. The appreciation we have for their dedication and care in hospitals, in elderly care homes, and within family homes, was evident when we applauded them every evening during the height of the pandemic.”

“This accolade is awarded by the European Parliament every year in recognition of those who exemplify European values and promote closer integration between citizens – surely there is no better example than our nurses.”

“The European Citizen’s Prize would be a fitting tribute and symbolic gesture of appreciation to pay tribute to our heroes – our nurses”

If successful, the Group proposes that ​the European Federation of Nurses Associations (of which the INMO is a member) accepts the award on behalf of nurses across the EU.


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