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Special film “The Victims’ Stories” to be screened for MEPs for the first time

Press Statement from Frances Fitzgerald MEP

Sunday 29th January 2023

Frances Fitzgerald to welcome families of Troubles victims opposing British Government's Legacy Proposals to the European Parliament

Special film “The Victims’ Stories” to be screened for MEPs for the first time

Dublin MEP Frances Fitzgerald will this week welcome representatives of the Truth and Justice Movement to the European Parliament in Brussels and organise the screening of a special film in support the campaign of opposition to the proposed Northern Ireland (Legacy and Reconciliation) Bill currently going through the UK Parliament.

The Truth and Justice Movement is a cross-community group of victims and campaigners who lost loved ones during the Troubles. The group, along with all parties in Ireland, is opposed to the current draft legislation to introduce a statute of limitations, which would ban future prosecutions for Troubles-era crimes, as well as civil cases and inquests.

The film, The Victims’ Stories, was produced by the Truth and Justice Movement jointly with Northern Ireland media company Mobile Media and features 8 cross-community victims of the Troubles in Northern Ireland telling the stories of the killing of their family members by paramilitary groups and security forces. The film has already been shown in Leinster House in Dublin and the UK Parliament in London and will now be screened for MEPs in the European Parliament for the first time on Tuesday.

Frances Fitzgerald said, “This is a hugely important and heart-breaking film which gives voice to the trauma of the families of some of those killed during the Troubles, on both sides. It shows how important it is to speak up in opposition to the proposals before the UK Parliament, which would prevent the perpetrators from being prosecuted. Such a proposal is outrageous and devastating for families seeking justice.

“The Irish Government and all parties in Leinster House have been very clear in their opposition to this proposed legislation. Now this campaign is coming to the European Parliament and I encourage all my colleagues from all Member States to come and see the film and show their support for the campaigners.

“I want to especially recognise the work of my colleague Senator Emer Currie who has worked closely with the group and ensured that the film could be shown in Leinster House.”

Representative of the Truth and Justice Movement, Raymond McCord said, “The screening of the film in this political setting will be a powerful day for all victims and an opportunity for MEPs to watch a unique cross-community film of heart-breaking stories. This is the victims’ response to the British government's Legacy/Amnesty Bill, which proposes amnesties for the murderers with no investigations, no prosecutions, no inquests or civil actions on thousands of murders of innocent men women and children by the state security forces and paramilitaries working for the state.

“The sole purpose of this film has been to let victims tell their story in relaxed and familiar surroundings. This was chosen rather than a set or fancy backdrop so that those speaking could tell their story without the eye of the viewer being distracted or a high production value ruining real expression of feelings. We, the victims, thank Frances Fitzgerald and her staff as well as the European Parliament for this opportunity to show the truth, the heartache and the determination of victims to stop this human rights abuse by the British government.”


Pictured: Frances Fitzgerald MEP, Raymond McCord (Truth and Justice Movement), and Senator Emer Currie



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