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  • Frances Fitzgerald

The European Lens: Episodes 1-5

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Episode 1: The Future of EU Taxation Policy: In the first episode of The European Lens, Fine Gael and EPP Group MEP Frances Fitzgerald looks at the issue of EU Own Resources. What's the future for EU taxation policy and how will it impact on Ireland?

In this episode, we hear from MEPs Lidia Pereira and Paul Tang, Irish Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe and Dan O'Brien, Economist with the Institute of International and European Affairs.

Episode 2: Upholding the Rule of Law in the EU: In the second episode of The European Lens, Fine Gael and EPP Group MEP Frances Fitzgerald looks at the issue the rule of law in the European Union - why it is now so topical and recent breaches from some EU member states.

In this episode, we hear from Ronan McCrea, professor at University College London, Former EU Commissioner Viviane Reding and Former Polish Prime Minister and current MEP Marek Belka.

Episode 3: The EU’s Place in the World Following the US Election: Frances and guests discuss the EU's place in the world following the US election, the Trump presidency and how the EU/US relationship may change under the incoming Biden administration.

This podcast considers the broad geopolitical situation for the EU, including how the EU should position itself between the US and China and how Brexit may affect the future EU/US relationship.

Frances Fitzgerald is joined by Former EU Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan, President of the American Chamber of Commerce Ireland Carin Bryans, MEP David McAllister and Former Irish Ambassador to China Declan Kelleher.

Episode 4: Disinformation and Fake News: The Threat to our Democracy in Europe: In the latest episode of The European Lens, Frances Fitzgerald MEP and guests discuss the issue of disinformation and fake news - what is the issue, how widespread is it and what can be done by the European Union to tackle it? The podcast considers the effect that Russia has on the issue, recent developments in the United States, how traditional media is affected and the support that journalists and media organisations need to crack down on disinformation.

Frances is joined by Mark Little, CEO of Kinzen and founder of Storyful, Peter Pomerantzev, journalist and author of This Is Not Propaganda, as well as Sandra Kalniete, a Latvian MEP and rapporteur on the new European Parliament committee on disinformation.

Episode 5: In Conversation with Catherine Day: In the latest episode of The European Lens, Frances is joined by Catherine Day, former Secretary-General of the European Commission and current Chairperson of the Citizens' Assembly on Gender Equality. Throughout her distinguished career, Catherine has held many notable positions including Director-General for DG Environment and Special Adviser to former President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Junker.

In this wide-ranging interview, Frances and Catherine discuss her bird's-eye view of the EU and its institutions, the future of the EU post-Brexit, the current Citizens' Assembly and lots more.

The European Lens is available from all usual podcast outlets.



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