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  • Frances Fitzgerald

The Glass Ceiling Podcast with Ciara Phelan

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

MEP Frances Fitzgerald joins The Glass Ceiling to discuss the inequalities facing women in society.

She speaks about her report that was recently adopted by the European Parliament which explores the gender perspectives in the Covid-19 crisis.

Ms Fitzgerald who worked as a social worker prior to her political career, talks about domestic violence and the factors that fuel it - including power and alcohol.

The Fine Gael politician reflects on her career to date having held numerous Ministerial briefs over the years and also speaks about her resignation as Tánaiste in 2017.

She opens up about suffering two miscarriages and recalls couples approaching her who were relieved she had spoken about it.

She said Ireland needs to be more open and have straight forward conversations about fertility issues.

Ms Fitzgerald also chats about revisiting the sex education curriculum in schools.

To listen to the podcast click below.



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