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What it says in the papers with Frances Fitzgerald

Updated: Jul 21

Below are articles of mine published in local, national and international media.

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The Irish Times – When this is over let’s not forget the women’- 28th April 2020

The Irish Times (Online Edition) – ‘The stark realities still facing girls throughout the world today’ – 3rd May 2020

Our World Magazine – ‘Behind Closed Doors Domestic Violence Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic – 6th May 2020

The Irish Independent – ‘Don’t use this crisis to bash the EU – use it to reform it’ – 16th May 2020

The Irish Mail on Sunday – ‘Our children must not pay the price of hidden pandemic fallout’ – 17th May 2020

The Business Post – ‘This is not the time to turn our back on global trade’ – 19th May 2020

The Irish Examiner – ‘Pandemic highlights the true essentials that we all rely on’ – 26th May 2020

Martens Centre: In Brief Magazine – Putting Women at the Heart of Europe’s Recovery’ – 10th June 2020

Image.ie – ‘COVID-19 has really highlighted the gender differences in our society’ – 14th June 2020

The Parliament Magazine – ‘Danger behind closed doors’ – 17th June 2020

The Irish Mail on Sunday – ‘Is there a way forward’ – 5th July 2020

The Business Post online – Comment: Just transition puts fairness at the heart of climate action’ – 7th July 2020

AML Intelligence – ‘Get ready for new EU Anti-Money Laundering rules with teeth’ – 2nd July 2020

The Independent – ‘CAB success in seizing criminal assets sets example for EU’ – 18th July 2020



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